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Simultaneous / Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the simplest form of interpreting. The interpreter waits for the speaker to finish their sentence or paragraph before translating and communicating it in the other language to the listener(s).
This is perfect for smaller settings, such as interviews, telephone calls and more intimate meetings, presentations and dinner parties.


Simultaneous interpreting is a more specialised service where the interpreter translates the speaker’s words for the listener(s) while the speaker is still talking, with only a few seconds lag time.

This works well for larger and/or more fast-paced events, such as conferences or large meetings, where there are many listeners and speakers and information needs to be passed on as quickly as possible to facilitate discussions.

The group of interpreters are highly experienced and can be trusted to provide an accurate and effective service. You can order more than one interpreter if required; let us know your exact requirements and we’ll put together the perfect team.

As confidentiality is one of our utmost priorities, you can rely on our discretion and the safety of your information. All interpreters working with us sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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