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Sworn Interpreting

Onsite consecutive interpreting is the most frequent type of interpreting service required for small settings. The interpreter waits for the speakers to finish their sentence or paragraph to translate and communicate to one or several listeners the content of the speech or conversation. In some cases such as at a court hearing or at a notary’s office, you will be required to book a sworn interpreter.

For bigger events, you might find simultaneous interpreting more adapted to your needs. We will assist you with finding the right interpreters as well as the equipment that such type of service entails.

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Interpretation Equipment is necessary during a simultaneous interpreting. Headsets and microphones or booths can be ordered through us depending on the context or the amount of people involved.

Interpretation Telephone Calls – You need to make a call that requires your full comprehension for the matter at hand. We can assist you with either calling the concerned party directly for you or by conference call

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