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The WordPress Solution

The WordPress Solution

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The WPML | Davron Translation Partnership

Its Official ! We are very happy to announce the new partnership between Davron Translations and WPML. You can now translate all of your website content with the WPML Plugin.

Why use WPML to translate your WordPress Website?

WPML integration for Davron Translations allows you to translate your website content directly from your CMS.

You no longer need to send files by email or to extract specific content. 

Instead, manage your translation project directly from your WordPress back office.

Quality Assurance

Benefit from Davron Translations Services Quality on your multilingual website.

ISO 9001:2015 bureau veritas certification

Our quality process has received the norms of ISO 9001, and ISO 17100.

We support WordPress localization with WPML

Easy order process

 Automation of the translation process

WPML plugin allows you to identify the content to be translated (pages, blog articles,…), the language combinations concerned and to create and organize translated content directly in your WordPress CMS.

        Translation times reduced

Thanks to the automation pf WPML  processes, your translation project will be as quick as efficient.

  1. You order the website content to be translated directly in WordPress
  2. Davron Translations is automatically informed of you order and takes charge of your project. The translation of your content is done directly in your WordPress interface, keeping the formatting of your pages.

Once the translation has been completed, we inform you that it will be available on you WordPress back office.

  1. If you update your website content, you only translate new or modified content.

        Cost Optimization

You benefit from Davron Translations expertise to accelerate your international time-to-market


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