Bienvenue, Post Brexit

It's Brexit time!

With the recent UK vote to leave the EU, many expats living in France would like to keep the privileges afforded to the citizens of EU countries. 

British nationals currently residing in France face uncertainty when it comes to their rights to live and work freely throughout the EU. 

As a result, many are now seeking French citizenship who would not had done so prior to Brexit.

Since many nations around the world offer the possibility of dual citizenship, English-speaking expats of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US might also wish to access the rights of citizenship in an EU member state, without losing citizenship in their native country.

If you think that dual citizenship could be a solution for you, check out Davron Translation’s guide to becoming a French citizen in a UK-less EU.


If you are not married to a French citizen, then you will need to apply for French naturalization.

You must prove the following:

• That you have lived in France for 5 continuous years
• That you have a passable knowledge of French history, culture, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship (verified by a written test)
• That you can speak the language (also determined by a test)

Application Process

You must go to your local Préfecture (Town Hall) with the following documents:
• A citizenship application form
•Original and certified translations of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport and criminal record
• Proof of address
• Proof of continuous residence in France for 5 years
• A French language certificate/diploma (if applicable)
• Other documents that may be required in specific cases

Your local mairie will instruct you as to which documents you must produce, and which ones require certified translation.


If you are married to a French citizen and have lived together for at least 4 years, then you are eligible to apply for citizenship. If you reside separately, then the requirement is 5 years. You must still be married at the time of application, your spouse must still be a citizen, and you must meet the historical, cultural and language knowledge requirements of a naturalization applicant.

After you have followed the instructions given by the overseeing administrative offices, your application will be reviewed and considered. This process can reportedly take over a year on average, so many applicants seek legal advocacy. Once your application is approved, bienvenuevous êtes Français! This link can help answer many FAQ about the citizenship application process.

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