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Some of the Industries and Sectors


Marketing Translation

We translate all digital and print material. 

Press releases that need urgent care. Brochures and powerpoint presentations that need understanding of your audience. White papers and blogposts that need style. In all languages. 

And of course, websites, with a capacity to translate both marketing and legal material that comes with. 

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Website Translation

Your website needs to sell your product or your service to a foreign audience. 

We can also use your SEO guidelines or translate your paid ads to make the site more visible. 

Multilingual plugins on WordPress CMS can help you lower your costs when translating and maintaining your site. 



We localise your content to meet your users’ cultural expectations and reach your clients in a specific location.
Ex: French for France? or for Canada? 

Localised content is targeting your audience, in a specific market, in a particular region.

Proofreading & Copyediting


You might want us to write directly in the language of your choice with the tone and style that fit the culture of the country you are selling to. 

Davron translations will select writers to  help you be visible in that particular region of the world.

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It goes beyond translating. 

It actually means rewriting a text in a different language and culture. 

A creative brief and a brainstorming session with your teams will help us find the perfect tone and style you are looking for.


Legal Translation

Our experts and jurists-linguists will assist you with all your translation needs for your multilingual cases. 

We provide quality translation for litigation, mediation and arbitration. We also offer certified translation of contracts and deeds of sale to law firms and notaries. 

For certified translation of all standard official translation documents, please see our immigration section.

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Real Estate Translation​

Real estate translation is a very important field of expertise of our firm. We often translate leases, contracts and deeds of sale. 

Notaries and Lawyers use our services to translate their written documents as well as to request consecutive interpreters for their meetings and closings. 

For translation of standard official documents, please also look up our immigration section. For interpreters, please see our interpreting section or choose a package.

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Corporate Translation

The life of a company with branches all over the world or with foreign partners and investors will entail quite a bit of translation work for your human resource, legal, compliance, and financial departments.

We translate for multinational groups annual corporate responsibility reports, financial statements, articles of association and other registration documents. 

You need to have them certified and legalised ? Please see our legalisation section.

Marketing & Localisation

Medical Translation

From catalogues to product packages, expert reports and compliance documents, we translate all medical, hospital, paramedical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and veterinary material. 

Terminology is checked by our linguists to produce the most up-to-date and specific translation of your products description. 

You need to have certain documentation certified for insurance and compliance purposes? We can help you find the right expert and certified translator for your medical documents.


Why you should order from us?

For Security, Confidence and Trust.

Because with our 10 years of experience and detailed quality process, you will receive the reliable expert certified translation required specifically to suit your individual situation and according to the destination of your documents.

Our quality process has received the norms of ISO 9001, and ISO 17100.

ISO 9001:2015 bureau veritas certification


Legal, Marketing, Business translation

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Translation Service Add-ons

In addition to translations services, we offer a wide range of add-on options to meet all your needs and expectations. We pride ourselves in the quality of our service and will always go the extra mile to find the right solution for you.

High Volume Post-editing Prepaid Credits

high volume post-editing

Thanks to machine translation (MT) and translation memories (TM), we can translate in very little time a high volume of documents with a much lower cost than the traditional route.

We can advise you on the quality of the machine-processed translation to let you know the time it will take to post-edit it.

This post-editing is not intended to publication but more for information or in-house use only. 

Profreading prepaid credits


PROOFREADING – Our translations are always proofread and edited, that is part of our quality control. 

We also offer a service of proofreading and editing to assist you with documents that have already been translated by a person working within your firm. 

We will collaborate with this person to ensure coherent terminology and message communication.

Starter Pack Credits

Desktop Publishing

DTP – Our team can translate all types of files, including files that are not editable. 

We use a visual recognition to transform non-editable .pdf .jpeg or .png texts into a Word or editable pdf version. Very useful for arbitration or litigation exhibits for instance. 

For more complex design in sales and marketing, we pair with a graphic designer to integrate the translation into Photoshop or Indesign. 

Transcription Prepaid Credits


TRANSCRIPTION – We transcribe and translate audio recordings and videos from their original format to text, including time code, into the target language.

We can also add subtitles to a video on Youtube or an interview you need to post on your website.

Our services have been used by TV channels as well as SMEs for their communication.

Transcriptions to be used at a court hearing as testimony will have to be translated and certified for legal purposes​.

What you get:

10 years experience working with lawyers, notaries, businesses and marketing agencies

assigning approved translators to fit your request with the requested languages pairs

Your own dedicated personal space

so that you can easily review your personal account, order history and follow the translation process

A project manager and ISO certification

who reviews with you the final translated version to make sure the document meets your quality requirement

How our translation process works


Quality Control​

The project is translated by a professional translator.


Quality Control​

We proofread and check the terminology and concepts.


Secure Processing

We communicate with you on final questions we may have and proceed to the final quality check. 


Customer Support

Then we email it (or mail according to details) back to you.

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