Certified Translation of Driver’s License



Davron Translations provides translations of driver’s licenses, necessary for car rentals, insurance, or driving procedures abroad.

These certified translations guarantee an accurate interpretation of your license for your travels overseas.

Ideal for international travelers or expatriates needing to validate their license in another country.

Official certified English-French translation for all administrative and judicial needs.

Immigration documents
  • Includes the mandatory similar layout to the source document, certification, date, stamp and signature
  • includes any certification needed: ITI for UK and ATA for USA;
    or French court system Assermentation for France
  • Price per page; 1 page document = 250 words max
  • *for administrative and official use
    *for other language combinations, please use our instant quote form
  • Accurate & Fast Turnaround
  • Free PDF Shipping
  • Quality Management ISO 9001:17100

For more info
Email: info@davrontranslations.com
Call : (France)  +33 9 74 59 20 87
Call : (UK)          +44 20 3917 4950

Certified and Quality assured

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