1 hour Phone Call Interpreting



No time to spend on learning the language, just book an English-French interpreter!

Telephone Interpreting

You may need to make a professional call where full comprehension is key and cannot be compromised. We can assist you with either calling the concerned party directly for you or by conference call.

Our team of interpreters are highly experienced and can be trusted to provide an accurate and effective service. You can order more than one interpreter if required; let us know your exact requirements and we’ll put together the perfect team.

As confidentiality is one of our utmost priorities, you can rely on our discretion and the safety of your information. All interpreters working with us sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Immigration documents
  • no equipment required
  • professional interpreters relaying speech consecutively
  • conference calls, phone assistance (ex: booking appointments, calling utilities in your absence) or short appointments (ex: French prefecture, consulate appointments)
  • price per hour
  • *for other language combinations, please use our instant quote form
  • Accurate & Fast Turnaround
  • Free PDF Shipping
  • Quality Management ISO 9001:17100

For more info
Email: info@davrontranslations.com
Call : (France)  +33 9 74 59 20 87
Call : (UK)          +44 20 3917 4950

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