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Translation for students


Some typical translation documents:

Student and Academic Translation

Registering and Applying to Universities, Colleges and other Academic Institutions

When you apply to a university, college or other academic institutions, you will be asked to send a certified translation of your diploma, grade transcripts and certificates, along with your CV, cover letter and letters of recommendation.

We are a member of various professional accredited associations (ITI, ATA…) and will include a certificate of accuracy in each translated document, which many institutions will require.

We proofread all our documents and send them to you before certification so you can check for yourself that your document file is complete and accurate before you send it off.

Grade conversion

We are often asked to provide direct, word-for-word certified translations for academic documents, but it is also possible (at an extra fee) to have your grades converted into a foreign format. For accuracy, we will include the official source of the conversion table in your translated documents.

Credentials Evaluation and Licensing Agencies (Validation d’Acquis)

In order to sit an exam or register for classes at a professional level, you may need to provide proof of your experience and/or previous graduation certificates. We will make sure that our translation complies with the specific terminology used in your particular field of expertise, so you can rest assured that your file will be easily understood by the board or agency reviewing your professional experience.

Moving Abroad

If you apply for a student or working visa, you will need to translate your diplomas and certificates, along with your other documents. We can provide a translation for all administrative documents, helping to alleviate the stress involved when moving abroad.

Useful websites

Studying in France

For applying to a French University as an international student, preparing your stay, student visas, degrees and other equivalent documents, the following website will be useful to you: http://www.campusfrance.org/en

With regard to the recognition in France of qualifications awarded abroad, consult this page: http://www.ciep.fr/

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The Translation Team

Our professional translators have a masters degree or higher in translation and/or other speciality fields.

The Translation Process



  • The project is translated by a professional translator



  • We proofread and send back to you to review.



  • After your approval we stamp and sign the document.



  • Then we email it (or mail according to details) back to you.

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