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As individuals and families continue to seek new opportunities and experiences abroad, the need for accurate and trustworthy communication becomes essential for navigating the challenges of relocation and settlement in a foreign country. With a diverse range of options, our team specialises in immigration translation services to support individuals and families embarking on this transformative journey.
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Professional Immigration Translation Services

Immigration Translation Services play a crucial role in the immigration process as it ensures that essential information is accurately conveyed in a new language. This includes the translation of core documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates and educational transcripts.

Different countries have different requirements and procedures for immigration, making it essential to have accurate translations to meet the specific criteria of each country. For instance, some countries may require certified translations of translations by accredited professionals.

Our immigration translation services cater to these diverse needs by providing accurate and reliable translations by experienced linguists who are knowledgeable about both the legal requirements and the languages involved. We prioritize accurate and efficient document translation to assist individuals in navigating the complexities of immigration processes smoothly without delays or misunderstandings.

We translate 40+ languages For Your Immigration Document Translation

Why Choose Davron Translations?

Our immigration translation service embodies the principle of accurately representing original content and context in translated materials. Our specialised translators are not only language experts but also qualified legal practitioners with deep knowledge of legal proceedings.

Key benefits of our service include:

  • Expert translators who preserve the integrity of the original content.
  • Efficiency and timeliness in meeting deadlines.
  • Competitive pricing for quality translation services.
  • Peace of mind with reduced stress over translation accuracy.


With over a decade’s worth of expert translation and interpreting experience, proficiency in over 40 languages, 12 in-house translators, and a network of 600+ freelance translators, we prioritize delivering exceptional language services tailored to satisfy our client’s needs.

Our Immigration Translation Services

At Davron Translations, we offer an exhaustive list of immigration translation services. Our team of expert immigration translators contains experts in the major branches of environmental translation:

Certified Translation

Our team of experts specialises in the translation of various documents that require certified translation services. Certified translation includes a certificate from an accredited professional translator affirming the accuracy of the translation.

These translations are typically required for official purposes such as immigration, legal matters, business transactions, applications to study overseas, and financial or medical documents in the UK or the United States.

Examples of documents that often require certified translation include:


Most legal documents necessitate certified translation due to their highly technical nature and the potential consequences of mistranslation when submitted to legal or government entities.

Sworn Translation

We offer sworn translation services, which involve translations by a translator registered on the court’s official registry. What sets a sworn translation apart from a certified translation is the involvement of a sworn translator, who is authorized by relevant authorities to provide official translations.

Some examples of documents that often require sworn translation include:

Interpretation Services

Our services provide a diverse range of plans, including simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our team of interpreters also hold Master’s degrees in interpreting and/or other speciality fields, ensuring expertise and proficiency in delivering accurate and effective interpretation services.

We Translate from a Wide Range of Media

At Davron Translations, we provide translation services from a wide range of media, ensuring flexibility and coverage across various formats:

Written Documents and Texts

Whether it’s birth certificates, medical records, academic transcripts or financial statements, our team of specialised translators is highly proficient in translating various written documents such as birth certificates, medical records, academic transcripts, and financial statements into your desired language with exceptional precision and clarity.

Government-Related Materials

Our team of specialised immigration translators is highly knowledgeable in migration laws and procedures. This expertise makes them ideal translators for a range of documents related to immigration, including visa applications, legal documents, forms of identification, and government policies on immigration-related matters. Their proficiency ensures precise and effective communication in navigating the complexities of immigration processes.

Audio Visual Materials

Our specialised translation services extend beyond written content to encompass the interpretation of various audiovisual materials. Whether you need an interpreter for conferences, online interviews, weddings, court hearings, or other multimedia events like presentations and seminars, we have you covered.

Why Choose Specialised Translation?

The significance of specialised translation cannot be overstated. This type of translation is critical for accurately conveying complex information while preserving the original content’s essence and nuances, especially in legal procedure:

Benefits for Individuals

Professional translators possess specialized knowledge of finance terminology, ensuring accurate translation of complex financial documents. Their familiarity with industry-specific jargon and nuances allows for precise communication of financial information.


Legal Compliance

Specialised translation ensures accurate interpretation of laws and regulations, reducing risks and ensuring compliance with legal documents and immigration procedures.

Clear Communication

Specialised translation aids individuals in informed decision-making and effective communication by breaking down complex information in specific fields like law or finance.

Access to Services

Specialised translation allows individuals to access essential services and information in their target language, improving access to legal assistance, healthcare or educational resources.

Benefits for Businesses and Organizations

Access to New Markets

Translation services can help migrant business owners reach broader markets by translating marketing materials, websites, and product information into the language of their target audience.

Compliance and Legal Assistance

Specialised translation services assist migrant business owners in complying with industry rules by translating legal documents, contracts, agreements and compliance materials accurately.

Administrative Process

By employing the use of specialised translation services, migrant business owners can seamlessly navigate immigration and administrative processes by translating documents required for permits, licenses, or certifications.

If you need experts for the job, our specialized translation service is the way to go!

A Translation Process You Can Rely On

At Davron Translations, ours is a methodical approach to translation. Our specialized translation services go through a meticulous 7-step process designed to produce the most accurate and informed translation possible. 

1.   Discovery

We begin each project with a brief discovery session to find out basic information about the project. This is where we asked things like what language is the source material, what language or languages would you like us to translate it to, and what other specific requirements you have for the project.  As mentioned, we translate to and from 40+ languages.

2.   Analysis

Once the discovery process is done, we then move straight to thoroughly analysing the source material(s) to fully understand its content, context, and any underlying messages or interpretations that might be contained therein. This process is extremely important for creating an accurate translation, and this is where most of the work goes.

3.   Research

Once the analysis process is complete, we then begin the research phase of the translation process. Here, our specialized translators will conduct extensive research on the subject matter, industry standards, and relevant terminology appropriate for the language we are looking to translate into. This ensures that every translation is accurate and takes cultural nuance into account. 

4.   Translation

At Davron Translations, we are particular about creating the most accurate and culturally relevant translations possible. We only begin the translation process after we are absolutely confident that the original material has been thoroughly analyzed and that we have all the information we need from our research phase. Only then do we begin the actual translation, ensuring that your translation is handled by qualified translators.

5.   Quality Assurance

We don’t just stop at translating the provided material. Every one of our translations goes through rigorous a quality assurance process to ensure accuracy and linguistic clarity, and that the final translation meets your every specification.

6.   Editing

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and errors occur. But if that ever happens on your project, you’d never get to know about it! This is because any errors, inaccuracies, or issues with quality sniffed out during our quality assurance process are ruthlessly snuffed out during our editing process to ensure that what you get is nothing short of the absolute best.

7.   Formatting and Delivery

Finally, when all is done, we complete the project by formatting the complete translation to match the layout and style of the original material provided or to meet any specific requirements you’ve provided. Finally, we deliver the complete translation to you, all of this within the determined time frame!

Quality Assurance

We keep your information and data secure:​

We make sure we keep your date secure and you can at any time ask us to update your information or delete a login account.

All your documents are kept safe and handled only by the appropriate staff. An exit and entrance sheet is signed for all pick up. Confidential destruction of hard copies is dealt by a professional company and proved by a certificate.

Our employee and providers contracts always include a confidentiality agreement. Some firms ask us to take extra precaution and fill out specific NDAs to include signatures of any person in contact with their sensitive information.

Thanks to your private client space, you can have access to various versions of your documents. Digital archiving is made regularly to allow our clients to reorder documents years after and never lose access to their projects.

Quality Assurance

We maintain quality assurance by auditing through ISO approved systems.

ISO 9001:2015 bureau veritas certification

Our quality process is certified by the standards ISO 9001:17100 for Translation and interpreting.


Yes, all our translations are certified to meet the requirements of various UK authorities and institutions, including the DVLA, Home Office, and universities. As a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), our certified translations are recognized and accepted by these administrations.

This varies based on factors such as the length of the document to be translated, time allocated to undergoing the task and the complexities in the languages involved.

For shorter documents or documents with straightforward language, the translation process may be relatively quick. However, longer documents or those with technical or specialised content could take more time to ensure accuracy and precision in the translation.

Also, certain legal documents are required to be represented in particular formats. Our team of specialists offer you the opportunity to work hand in hand during the translation process to ensure that the translated document meets all necessary standards and can be accepted by relevant authorities or institutions.

The translation of immigration documents is a crucial process that requires precision and accuracy. Rest assured, our pay-as-you-go options offer flexibility and affordability from a diverse series of plans tailored to best suit your needs.

Currently, we translate over forty different major languages which include English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Japanese, Punjabi, Korean, Romanian and Portuguese.

We specialise in translating a wide range of documents essential for immigration and official purposes. Here are some types of documents we translate:


Our translation services cover various document types to meet the specific requirements of immigration processes, legal proceedings, and administrative tasks.

Whether you need a birth certificate translated for a visa application or require accurate translations of financial statements for residency purposes, our team is equipped to deliver reliable and precise translations tailored to your needs.

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