Quality Assurance

We keep your information and data secure:​

We make sure we keep your date secure and you can at any time ask us to update your information or delete a login account.

All your documents are kept safe and handled only by the appropriate staff. An exit and entrance sheet is signed for all pick up. Confidential destruction of hard copies is dealt by a professional company and proved by a certificate.

Our employee and providers contracts always include a confidentiality agreement. Some firms ask us to take extra precaution and fill out specific NDAs to include signatures of any person in contact with their sensitive information.

Thanks to your private client space, you can have access to various versions of your documents. Digital archiving is made regularly to allow our clients to reorder documents years after and never lose access to their projects.

Quality Assurance

We maintain quality assurance by auditing through ISO approved systems.

ISO 9001:2015

Our quality process is certified by the standards ISO 9001:17100 for Translation and interpreting.

Client Satisfaction

We truly believe in the values of Service and Management

  • Pre-production Management: Therefore, it is only natural that our project manager will ask you the right questions before starting the project so that the result will meet your expectations.


  • Production: Comments or questions raised during the translation or proofreading process will be added to the document and will be debated within our team first, then sent to you if necessary, in order to achieve the best possible translation.


  • Client Satisfaction: We want to make sure you are satisfied before we consider your project as completed. A satisfaction survey is sent at the end of the quality assurance process and we review each comment to improve our process.


  • Tracking: Each issue triggers a ticket in our system. After its resolution, our team member assigned to this issue explains in writing the resolution so it will improve everybody’s work.


  • Assessment: Linguists are also reviewed and assessed through scorecards. We send them feedback and are proud to reward excellent performance.


  • ISO Meetings: As part of the ISO certification, the client satisfaction questionnaire and the issued encountered are analysed thoroughly each month with our team. Each quarter, our management meetings assess the results and forecast the new risks and opportunities of our industry.

How we recruit our translators:

Davron’s Recruitment Process is based on the idea that a translator not only needs to be great, but he or she must be great ALL the time.

That is why we assess our linguists before, during and after their mission. 


  • Selection: we select linguists upon their combination or languages, towards their native mother tongue, their field of expertise, if they are translators (writing) or interpreters (oral) or copy-editors.
  • Documents: We collect their resumes, diplomas and certifications and have them sign a provider’s contract or employee contract that contains an NDA.
  • Testing: We test them and make sure they meet key criteria such as time management, professional communication, linguistic skills and, well, yes, style.


  • Communicating: We make sure we keep communication so that any issue can be raised freely and in a timely manner.
  • Assessment: We assess them on the key criteria listed above and collect a score on our system.
  • Notes: We keep notes and send you comments or critical choices that have been made so you have full control over your project and feel confident that your message has been communicated effectively.
  • Quality Assurance: Issues trigger a ticket (see above quality assurance).


  • Scoring: Scorecards are collected through an algorithm and results are reviewed by our team each month during our ISO meetings.
  • Feedback: We send feedback to our linguists so they can learn and improve their work and be rewarded in a meaningful relationship.
  • Network: Our network has been growing steadily for the past 10 years, allowing us to develop our business in a very healthy way.

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