Transcription prepaid credits



Prepaid and rechargeable word credits.

TRANSCRIPTION – We transcribe and translate audio recordings and videos from their original format to text, including time code, into the target language.

We can also assist you with work on subtitles, for a video on Youtube or an interview you need to post on your website.

Our services have been used by TV channels as well as SMEs for their communication.

Transcriptions to be used at a court hearing as testimony will have to be translated and certified for legal purposes


Immigration documents
  • Word credits towards audio or video transcription
  • Add urgency option if needed
  • Avoid administrative hassle or delay
  • Use it when you want, no expiration date
  • For companies and professionals only
  • Accurate & Fast Turnaround
  • Free PDF Shipping
  • Quality Management ISO 9001:17100

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Call : (France)  +33 9 74 59 20 87
Call : (UK)          +44 20 3917 4950

Certified and Quality assured

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